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7 Speed Dating Tips for Men To Have Perfect Dating

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a process where men and women come together in a social setting with the express purpose of sitting and talking to each other for a few minutes at a time. The dialogue will be carefully timed by the organizers and at the sound of the buzzer someone new will sit down at your table. If this sounds like an interesting way to meet women (and it can be) there are a few things you want to keep in mind for the best chance of success.


While you do not have to dust off your "Sunday go to meeting" clothes, it is important that you dress well. This shows that you care about your appearance and you are not too lazy to find a clean pair of pants! It may sound shallow but a woman will likely make up her mind about you as a potential date within the first few seconds, and that means it is not all based on your conversation.


One interesting factor to speed dating, or dating in general, is the role pheromones can play. In an exclusive study 20/20 set up twins to go to speed dating events, one twin would wear pheromones while the other would not. At the end of the informal study, the twin with pheromones received more dates.


You have a few minutes per "date" to find out how compatible you are, this means questions about where she is from or where she works are practically useless. Create a questions list before the speed dating event and choose a few to use with each woman, be creative and try to determine who she is as much as possible. Ask things like why did your last relationship end, how do you settle an argument and things of that nature.


What do women look for in a man? Attitude is quite important, more so even than looks. Do your best to convey an upbeat, confident and yet sincere attitude. Women will run for the exit if they feel like you are being anything less than genuine with them. This may take a little practice, especially if you are shy around the opposite sex, but it can be done.

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Keep Options Open

Do not settle on the first woman who sits down. She may be the most attractive woman you ever met and chemistry may be bouncing off the table, but you have to remember she may not feel the same. Of course, mark her down on your scorecard but try to keep an open mind for the rest of the night as well.

Have Fun

It stands to reason that if you have gone to a round-robin dating event, you want to find some dating options. Keep it fun! If you look like you would rather be at a funeral or appear distracted you might as well clock out and go home early. Show your personality and do your best to enjoy yourself, even if you are not meeting the "one".

Careful with the Dates

There is one very important thing you should know about speed dating and women. They tend to get together with their friends and do the events as a group. What does this mean for you? Be very careful with scheduling dates afterward. If you contact 3-4 women at the same time, there is a good chance a couple of them are friends and this does not bode well for your chances of a first date, let alone a second.